The Pathfinder

I created The Pathfinder – 12 page book – to help you remember your true calling, your mission you were born to implement, your ideal path.

There are 5 super-effective exercises in this book. It will take up to 2 hours to complete them.

This system worked for me; and it worked for many of my friends and clients.

If you want to remember what is your true calling, you are in a right place.

Download The Pathfinder by subscribing on the right and become crystal clear about your true calling. 

Why did I created The Pathfinder?

As I walk through life, I keep noticing people having One Basic Issue in their lives. For some it is overweight. For some it is relationships. For some it is health. For me it is career, and specifically – doing a job you were born to do. What is One Basic Issue of yours?

For me, it is important that I have a job that is best for me. It is also important that others have jobs that are best for them.

This One Basic Issue of mine gives me a never-ending flow of interest, information and creativity in this specific topic.

Using these resources – my own interest, creativity, and all that I learned in about a decade in this topic – I created The Pathfinder.

It will help you find your passion and the best suitable career path for you.

How does it work?

The Pathfinder

The Pathfinder is short, easy, and super effective. It will take up to 2 hours, distributed in several days, to finish the exercises and come to a conclusion.

During the process you will remember or learn something new about your ideal path, which is a sum of:

  • what is meaningful for you,
  • what are you curious about,
  • what do you want to create,
  • what are your talents,
  • and what lifestyle you want to have.

You will not only remember your path – The Pathfinder generates a great amount of creative energy. Use it to make he first step towards your Greatest Purpose.

Download The Pathfinder by subscribing on the right and let me guide you towards your true calling.