Roundup: best posts about reaching your goals

Reaching your goals

Setting your goals might be quite quick, but reaching them is a journey. Journeys can be short or long, depending on how far away your goal is (if it is destination goal). And we all know that during the journeys adventures sometimes happen. They can distract us from our final destinations. So here is a reminder for all of you who feel lost – the 5 best posts of the last week about reaching your goals. Happy journey!

Positive Psychology Program wrote about Health Goal Priming as The Answer to Achieving Our Long-Term Goals. The article provides ideas about simple and effective ways to achieve long term goals. There is an interesting study explained in the article about how snack food eating was significantly reduced with the presence of non-food related or high nutrition food adverts. The tip I use in life coaching about setting reminders is now backed up scientifically even more! You can do the same if your goal is weight reduction, or, actually, any other goal.

Day Designer posted 3 Ways to Overcome Fear and Pursue Your Big Goals. The journey of reaching really big goals might be scary. The author Whitney English has now offered a reminder what can we do to pursue our dreams, but stay relaxed at the same time.

Athena Concannon has really, really great tips for time when reaching your goals looks like a struggle. Check it, read it, and pin it for future use. All the best ideas in one place. I myself had set up a „contract“ with my accountability partner last week and it works wonders for both of us.

Jessica from Messes and Memories community started a blog post series about setting goals and living intentionally. She posted her first 5 steps to reaching goals. One of them is sharing her goals, so you can read and learn about what this lovely blogger, mother and woman will do next week to help herself and you at the same time to go after the dreams.

For your inspiration – ideas from 17 young people leading the way on the Sustainable Development Goals. Young leaders are moving their local communities forward at an unprecedented pace and we will only reach the Sustainable Development Goals as a global community if we empower young people to show us the way, writes Aaron Sherinian from United Nations. He might be right – maybe you’ll be inspired by these ideas, or maybe you’ll support these young leaders in their way?

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