Grab your Summer Makeover coaching session


The summer is on it’s way. I want it to be the best summer in my life. And I want it to be the best summer in your life!

We can do it together. My summer will be perfect if I know that I helped you. What should happen for your summer to be perfect?

Whatever your goals are, I’d like to help you to achieve them. Or maybe you need help to clarify your vision. I’m here for you.

To start your summer fresh and revived, for the first 10 people who register here I’m offering a FREE coaching session Summer Makeover.

You are in a right place if you want some help in these areas:

  • Get rid of feeling trapped and stuck
  • Feel the purpose
  • Unlock your potential
  • Gain the momentum to move forward
  • Get balanced
  • Prioritize your actions
  • Be more present
  • Live your values
  • Know yourself better
  • Connect with your inner peace

During a 30 minute Summer Makeover Coaching session, we will:

  • Clarify your vision for a fulfilled life
  • Create key milestone objectives
  • Uncover hidden challenges that might be blocking your fulfillment
  • Develop an action plan

You’ll leave the session with fresh energy to achieve fulfillment in your life.

Register here now. There are only 10 places!

Hide & Seek


Again and again I see people lost in their lives, lacking direction, and wishing to know their true calling.

They are discussing it, reading and listening about it. They want to have a clear vision before taking any action. Read more


Roundup: best posts about reaching your goals

Reaching your goals

Setting your goals might be quite quick, but reaching them is a journey. Journeys can be short or long, depending on how far away your goal is (if it is destination goal). And we all know that during the journeys adventures sometimes happen. They can distract us from our final destinations. So here is a reminder for all of you who feel lost – the 5 best posts of the last week about reaching your goals. Happy journey! Read more


Patience. Where can I find it?

Patience. Where can I find it?

Having big goals is inspiring. But life happens everyday. So we all need one thing to reach our goals – patience. Especially, in communicating with others. Where can you find it?
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The strength of believing YOU CAN

The strength of believing YOU CAN

There is strength in believing you can. It is a source of getting things done, reaching your goals and living your dreams. How do you start believing yourself? Read more

This 5 step Pathfinder will unveil your true calling

The Pathfinder

I created The Pathfinder – 12 page book – to help you remember your true calling, your mission you were born to implement, your ideal path. There are 5 super-effective exercises in this book. It will take up to 2 hours to complete them. This system worked for me; and it worked for many of […]

Check your pulse – are you alive?

Check your pulse

If you already asked yourself, what do I want?, and dug deeper into the final answer, you might have found yourself wanting some kind of value – a state of being, rather than some kind of physical item.

That’s perfectly fine.

For some people this state of being happens to be “I want to FEEL ALIVE in every moment of my life”.

How does it feel – being alive – to you? It is moving, uplifting, tingling, open… Isn’t it?

If you want to feel more alive, you can go after a goal which led you to this value.

But you can do some more things everyday, so that your path towards your goal feels more alive, too.

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How to live the life YOU want: 3 tips

Live the life you want

One of the most common issues clients in my coaching experience have is this – “I want to live MY life – the way I want it”.

We live in days of information overload. We’re constantly bombarded by suggestions like who to be, what to do, what to want, what tools to use to reach our goals etc.

Moreover, sometimes other people seem to know better what’s good for us, too. My boss might tell me I should want to be better sales manager. And since he’s more experienced, I might mistakenly think he really knows what he says. My husband might want me to cook better. And since I love and respect him I might mistakenly think I should.

It’s easy to be lost and let others decide for you. Read more