Roundup: best posts about reaching your goals

Reaching your goals

Setting your goals might be quite quick, but reaching them is a journey. Journeys can be short or long, depending on how far away your goal is (if it is destination goal). And we all know that during the journeys adventures sometimes happen. They can distract us from our final destinations. So here is a reminder for all of you who feel lost – the 5 best posts of the last week about reaching your goals. Happy journey! Read more


Patience. Where can I find it?

Patience. Where can I find it?

Having big goals is inspiring. But life happens everyday. So we all need one thing to reach our goals – patience. Especially, in communicating with others. Where can you find it?
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In search for meaning… Why do you live?

In search for meaning

“Why do I live?” might be the most important question in a human’s life. Without knowing the answer one’s life can be unbearable.

Is there an answer? Yes. Keep reading.

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My spiritual journey: from numbness to creativity

From numbness to creativity

I sat to write a post elaborating myths about coaching, but suddenly I knew that I want to tell you a story from my life.

This is my experience. I have no intention to advice you on which path to choose. Always follow your own heart.

There was a year in my life very much dedicated to the spiritual journey. I searched for inner peace. I read books. My home always smelled of incense. I attended workshops, meditated, listened to enlightened people and practiced letting go of everything. I flew to Denmark to learn telepathic communication with animals. I read about past lives, journeys of souls and out-of body travels. I listened to gongs and practiced rebirthing.

It was a good time to have these practices. Somehow, because of my practices or for them, I had less work, a clearer mind and more time.

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5 books that changed my life and will improve yours

Books that changed my life

My home is full of books. It looks even more full because we don’t have a book shelf. All the books are stowed in stacks on windowsills and TV stand.

One part of the books are novels. The second part is from the bookstores’ departments like “philosophy”, “psychology”, “religion” etc.

Can you guess which part is mine, and which is my partner’s (you can find hints in this post about my life’s lessons)?

You’re right – my books are in the second part.

I love how books transforms minds and inspire ideas, so I read a lot.

Here is the list of my all time favorites. I love to read parts of these books over and over again. These 5 books “live” on my night table so I can reach for them if I feel so.


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How I unlocked my potential to become a life coach: my story

My story

I used to have clients who come to coaching just to learn how professional coaching works, so they can decide if they want and can become a life coach, too.

They ask me – how did I become a life coach? What did I do to become so accepting, supportive and understanding towards others? What life coaching courses did I take?

So here are my answers – in the form of my life story and lessons learned in it.

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