Grab your Summer Makeover coaching session

The summer is on it's way. I want it to be the best summer in my life. And I want it to be the best summer in your life! We can do it together. My summer will be perfect if I know that I helped you. What should happen for your summer to…

Hide & Seek

Again and again I see people lost in their lives, lacking direction, and wishing to know their true calling. They are discussing it, reading and listening about it. They want to have a clear vision before taking any action. That’s very…
Reaching your goals

Roundup: best posts about reaching your goals

Setting your goals might be quite quick, but reaching them is a journey. Journeys can be short or long, depending on how far away your goal is (if it is destination goal). And we all know that during the journeys adventures sometimes happen.…
Patience. Where can I find it?

Patience. Where can I find it?

Having big goals is inspiring. But life happens everyday. So we all need one thing to reach our goals - patience. Especially, in communicating with others. Where can you find it? Patience - like any other emotion - lives inside you. So you…
The strength of believing YOU CAN

The strength of believing YOU CAN

There is strength in believing you can. It is a source of getting things done, reaching your goals and living your dreams. How do you start believing yourself? First, turn your dream into a goal. That is, make it specific and measurable.…
In search for meaning

In search for meaning… Why do you live?

“Why do I live?” might be the most important question in a human’s life. Without knowing the answer one’s life can be unbearable. Is there an answer? Yes. Keep reading. Let’s look at the answers of people, known for their…
From numbness to creativity

My spiritual journey: from numbness to creativity

I sat to write a post elaborating myths about coaching, but suddenly I knew that I want to tell you a story from my life. This is my experience. I have no intention to advice you on which path to choose. Always follow your own heart. There…
Check your pulse

Check your pulse – are you alive?

If you already asked yourself, what do I want?, and dug deeper into the final answer, you might have found yourself wanting some kind of value – a state of being, rather than some kind of physical item. That’s perfectly fine. For some…
Live the life you want

How to live the life YOU want: 3 tips

One of the most common issues clients in my coaching experience have is this – “I want to live MY life – the way I want it”. We live in days of information overload. We’re constantly bombarded by suggestions like who to be, what…


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Hi! I'm Lina - a creator of life, just as you are. With life coaching I unlock YOUR inner resources so you can understand your true self, find meaning and enhance the quality of your life by going in the direction you want.

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