About me

My name is Lina Mockute. I’m a creator of life, just as you are. I create using coaching, education and communications.

I created this website to meet you – to introduce myself and to know you. Here, I also share my general insights and inspiration.

I also present my coaching sessions – so we can work together, and you can hear and use my personalized insights and inspiration, and go in the direction you want.

Welcome, dear friend. Thank you for being here with me.

What I can do for you

My Greatest Wish is to unlock your inner resources so you can understand your true self, find meaning and enhance the quality of your life by going in the direction you want.

Find out about unlocking your potential in my professional coaching sessions.

Who am I?

For me, life is like riding a bike. I pedal with my left, then with my right foot, thus I go forward. Balancing on a bike is not a solid state. It’s a constant flow – you have to keep going to stay balanced. The same applies to my life. What symbol represents your life best?

In every step I create life, just as you do. Earlier, I made a wish to work in communications. So I created a career in public relations to help companies communicate with masses. I also created a dog training school and expanded PR activities of local animal welfare NGO to help people communicate better with their furry companions. And I created a coaching practice to help you communicate with… you.

I chose a life, where using my decade-long experience in communications and coaching I can spread the message – heaven is within every person. I trust that with this mindset people can understand themselves better and love the life they choose to live.

Find out about unlocking your potential